Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Cracked mirror

I saw a few images through a cracked mirror, a few lives, a few stories, and tried to interpret them below:

Boy, girl and the mountain:He is the literary kind, values education and loves intelligent people. She is the carefree (bindaas) kind, hates studies and loves to party. He wants to marry her, but there is a clash of values. He is trying, but is she?

Lovelorn:He is a brat, a brat who got everything in life easily. She is a brat, a brat who got everything even before asking. They are perfect for each other, then why love is hammering him down?

Man and his house:He is a responsible man. He wants to keep his family happy, his house safe and him richer. He had to leave home to earn money and fame, then why is he downcast?

Girl without eyes:She is from a broken home. The old lady brought her up, but now she is gone. Will someone ever give her back the brightness of her eyes?

Three figures and two shadows:He always looks up to his dad. He is his superhero. His shadow always catches up with him. He wants to make a mark, he wants his own shadow. When will he be able to end this tussle?

A depressed face:He is a guy next door, charming and handsome. She was a girl next door, cute and pretty. Love was in the air. She suddenly leaves him. Will he ever know why?

A crying man:She was her childhood sweetheart. He loved her, but also loved his family. She waited, but he never turned up. She will marry someone else. Will he ever get her?

Let me know if you have answers for them.

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  1. so many are the cracks in life. We need alot of glue to move forward,
    Happy A to Zing!