Thursday, January 25, 2018

There is a purpose in the ‘purposelessness’ of life!

They say ‘there is no purpose to life’. You just exist and that’s all.

Living without a purpose is depressing, emptying your mind of everything is scary. You seek validation for your existence, whether it is through your work or family, there is something, some life story that validates that you are alive.

Even people who profess about the purposelessness of life are also living a life of purpose. When they ask you to be mindful or focus on your breath to be present in the moment, they are giving you a purpose.  

Each day, at every moment, even in your sleep, you are fulfilling a purpose, which could be as mundane as wearing a sock.

Your mere existence has a purpose. That is, to live this life. And, while you are at it, live it in a manner that gives you happiness. And, what makes you happy? Believe it or not, happiness, a form of content, comes when you make someone else happy. Next question, how do you make another happy? Easy, just by being kind, compassionate and loving. These are the very essence of a human being, and all you need to do is to realise these and embody them.

Be in touch with your core human-ness, and you will never need any validation. You won’t need religious dogmas, spiritual philosophies, atheist viewpoints, gurus, rituals or anything that makes you feel as if you are closer to getting an answer for your existence.

Your existence is your answer. Your humanity is your answer. Be that, each day.