Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A book in a month!

I must be mad enough to do this, but then again, I love challenges. And, I love to challenge myself, push myself constantly to do something different, to better myself. It has been years since I am trying to write a book, and have been giving excuses, sometimes it's the plot, sometime's the story, and sometimes, actually most of the times, the fear to find myself written in my own book.

This time, I decided to go beyond that fear, I am finally addressing the elephant in the room - my life. Every writer starts with an autobiographical element, it's like a curse, one just can't escape it. I tried to run away from it too, thought of 100s of detours to write my first book on something that would not be remotely related to me. And, I failed miserably each time. That's when I decided to write it the way the inner me is asking me to do so.

I will write from my heart, and edit from my head. This month, I plan to get my emotions and logic to work together, herculean task, I know, but I am not giving any other choice to myself.

This month I am set to fulfil my long-standing dream, to finally pen down my first ever novel. Wish me luck!

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