Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Finally, have started to grow my roots

I always had wings, and therefore, the reason to fly. Though, I wished for roots, the ground was never right. It was either too dry or too marshy. How would they have helped me grow? I couldn't anchor myself there, even when I tried. The roots refused to grow, they kept shrinking in itself, prompting the wings to take a flight, again and again.

And then, I found a nice patch, semi-green with enough water to sustain myself. The ground was welcoming. It let me settle there nicely. I liked the view, I grew comfortable, actually too comfortable to notice that I was drying out the very essence of the ground.

It gave away one day. And, I thought maybe it was time to find another ground. As I prepared to flutter my wings again, I noticed a small root sprouting from my feet. It surprised me so much that I unknowingly grounded myself, and the magic unfolded.

The root had finally found a ground to grow, and it refused to stop. It went deep within the ground to its very core, and halted my flight.

I love this patch of semi-green. It is not perfect, but it is perfect for me. I am tending it with love and care. And maybe, some day it will be carpeted with green grass, beautiful flowers and a tall tree standing proudly with its roots firmly in the ground.

And, that day, it will finally have a reason to stay forever.

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