Tuesday, June 6, 2017

An artist

Her monologue is perfect. She only fears her emotions. They may finally betray her stoic attitude. Not today, she tells herself. I have to be the best.

She takes the centerstage. As a tear escapes, threatening to ruin the moment, she skillfully wipes it while tucking a stray hair.

She knows the time has come. Time to say those oft-rehearsed words. As she takes the mic, it becomes magic on the stage.

"I am trusting, vulnerable, transparent...And I don't know any other way to live...If that makes me a fool, be it...I would rather be a foolish puppy than a clever bitch!"

She finishes with élan.

The standing ovation said it all. Soon, the curtains fall, ending the drama forever.

#tinytales #shortmusings #storiesthatneedtobetold

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