Wednesday, June 7, 2017

When the guard refused to let me climb Charminar!

Hyderabad was the first-ever city that I had explored on my own, way back in 2006. It was a fun experience, with a really funny anecdote.

As I made my last stop to see Charminar, the guard checking the tickets refused to let me climb the minar. He was shocked to find that I was travelling all alone. Plus, he didn't basically trust me to go up the higher chambers all by myself. Despite assuring him that I had no intension of jumping off the minar, he was reluctant. He said only if someone takes my guarantee will he allow me. Desperate to now accomplish this, I requested two young girls to let me come along with them. Thankfully they agreed. The guard issued them strict instructions about me, which they actually followed through, to the extent of trying to hold my hand!

As you could see, it was an uneventful visit and true to my words I did come back to the ground and showed my face to the guard too. He apologetically said, "Kya karein, loga kudi maarne ko bhi ata na," in a true-blue Hyderabadi style!

Finally, have started to grow my roots

I always had wings, and therefore, the reason to fly. Though, I wished for roots, the ground was never right. It was either too dry or too marshy. How would they have helped me grow? I couldn't anchor myself there, even when I tried. The roots refused to grow, they kept shrinking in itself, prompting the wings to take a flight, again and again.

And then, I found a nice patch, semi-green with enough water to sustain myself. The ground was welcoming. It let me settle there nicely. I liked the view, I grew comfortable, actually too comfortable to notice that I was drying out the very essence of the ground.

It gave away one day. And, I thought maybe it was time to find another ground. As I prepared to flutter my wings again, I noticed a small root sprouting from my feet. It surprised me so much that I unknowingly grounded myself, and the magic unfolded.

The root had finally found a ground to grow, and it refused to stop. It went deep within the ground to its very core, and halted my flight.

I love this patch of semi-green. It is not perfect, but it is perfect for me. I am tending it with love and care. And maybe, some day it will be carpeted with green grass, beautiful flowers and a tall tree standing proudly with its roots firmly in the ground.

And, that day, it will finally have a reason to stay forever.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

An artist

Her monologue is perfect. She only fears her emotions. They may finally betray her stoic attitude. Not today, she tells herself. I have to be the best.

She takes the centerstage. As a tear escapes, threatening to ruin the moment, she skillfully wipes it while tucking a stray hair.

She knows the time has come. Time to say those oft-rehearsed words. As she takes the mic, it becomes magic on the stage.

"I am trusting, vulnerable, transparent...And I don't know any other way to live...If that makes me a fool, be it...I would rather be a foolish puppy than a clever bitch!"

She finishes with élan.

The standing ovation said it all. Soon, the curtains fall, ending the drama forever.

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