Saturday, April 29, 2017


It is the day that is gone by. The day we cannot do anything about. It has become a part of our memory, irrespective of being good or bad. Then why do we lament about it? Because we hold on to it with our dear life, we get attached to that memory and if it is bad, we keep trying to analyse how we could have turned it into a more positive one. That, doesn't work. Our job is to learn from our mistakes and move on, not analyse and keep over-thinking about it.

Yesterday is the day that will never come back, and it never should. Whatever is in the past, let it remain there. The past could be our podium to grow from, but never an anchor that should drag us down.

Learn to release your past and live in the present moment.

I wrote this a few years ago, but it still holds true:

Jo beet gaya wo kal ka sach tha
Jo ayega wo kal ka sach hoga
In do kal ke beech mein
Ek aaj ka sach hai
Wahi jeena hai
Wahi sach hai...

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