Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Undo the ego, dissolve it

It might seem the most difficult thing to do. But when you dissolve your ego, a sense of calm envelopes you, and you feel at peace like never before. The ‘I’ evaporates and your entire being is in sync with the energy of the universe.

But, as exhilarating as it may sound, it is not easy to perpetually live without the shroud of ego. The moment you feel liberated, the ego starts the dance of celebration and you are again entangled into the same cycle. However, you can break this cycle, the answer is simple – Just live in the Now!

Ego is fed by our desires, expectations, personalities, and even by the seemingly positive traits like self-righteousness, charity, helpfulness. It boosts our ‘feel good’ DNA and our head touches the moist cloud. We feel invincible, strong and on the top of the world. And, from there our degeneration starts.

There is, however, a way to stop this. A simple solution – Being aware of yourself, about each moment of your life and living in the present moment. This helps in overcoming your ego. Actually, you don’t let ego enter, as there is no space for it when you live your life by each moment.

Many may say, ‘Better said than done’. But really, it is that simple. Once you are aware of your ego and know it is not doing you any good, you would want to forsake it, discard it. And that moment of awareness would set you free. And, exactly in that moment too, you would know how to live in the ‘Now’! 

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