Monday, April 17, 2017

Nice guys never finish first...And, that doesn't matter...

Nice guys oath to finish first. Every single time. They should. Then why is it that they are the ones who leave alone being first, often struggle to even finish the race? The answer is simple, most of the time they are not even running the race. And during the rest of the time, they are busy helping someone else to reach the finish line.

Does that mean they lose out often. Prima facie that's what it seems like. They are seen as the ones losing out on that dream job, the wonderful house, the ultimate relationship et al. They are constantly the ones at the backdrop, giving way to the others, who are often seen as less deserving and yet they get the 'prize'. 

But on a deeper level, the nice ones know that these are not what they want at the first place. And, what people see as opportunities are merely some milestones created out of societal expectations. 

So what do they want?

They want what is right for them. And they wait. They wait for what seems right to them, and not something what others define as right. Their internal compass tell them whenever their 'right' thing appears in front of them. And, that's when, without any delay, they get it. It might not meet any societal norm, but it is what 'clicks' with them.

Nice guys may never finish first, but they always get the best!


  1. Such a nice thought, Asha!
    There's hope for nice people.
    Hope they get all that they desire& fulfill every Chhoti si asha.