Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Just want to give up...

There has been insane amount of things happening at my end at this single point in time, and in all these, I am not sure if continuing with this challenge - blogging from a to z April - is a good idea or not. But, then I told myself, "I am not a quitter." There are obstacles, but I need to push my boundaries, I need to go beyond my limitations. Plus, if I quit now, I am surely going to regret not completing this task once the month is over.

Somehow, it is not just this challenge. Today, I feel like quitting everything, and just sit at a quite place and be with myself. I want complete and pin-drop silence around me. I want to leave behind the raging storm, or maybe just find a spot under the eye of the storm where things are completely calm. Maybe, I should just let the storm rage around me, and be Buddha-like, have a Zen-like attitude. 

But then again, sometimes I feel like screaming at the top of my voice, take those pending rage out of me, and give each one of them my piece of mind. And, then I think, will that be a justified behaviour? 

As the day passes by and the restless night begins, I toss on my bed to stop the lone tear that is threatening to break the barrage of my willpower. 

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