Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ice-creams make me thirsty!

People usually have ice-creams to quench thirst. Not me. I eat ice-creams because I love them. And, just after devouring the sweet-iced-candy I need to drink water, almost immediately. Ice-creams become responsible for adding on to my thirst, rather than doing anything to quench it!

For years, it was such a tough thing to manage. My parents could never understand why would I need to drink water after having an ice-cream, neither could my friends. And, frankly, even I could never figure that out, and brushed this 'weird' characteristic of mine under the carpet of 'the many weirdness of Asha Dey.'

And then I found someone as 'weird' as me - my soul sister. As we talked about our love for ice-creams one day, she surprised me by telling me that she also has the same tendency of drinking water almost after eating an ice-cream. I wanted to jump out of joy at that moment, the world finally seemed a little less 'weird'. It was like finding your 'Man Friday'.

So, after finally reaching to the conclusion that this is not a singular phenomenon only reserved for probably the most 'weirdest' person on the face of the planet Earth (let me take a claim of something at least!), I thought of googling about it for the first time ever. And, it threw some really crazy explanations as well. Plus, this phenomenon was being felt by a lot of other people too. Wow! The world is really infested with crazy souls.

From the body feeling dehydrated to the quantity of salt in ice-creams to the composition of milk, God Google provided many views, but did not give any conclusive answer. It basically said, "I am omnipresent, but you need discretionary wisdom to see me!"

As at that time I was contemplating to switch my faith to Bing, I decided to basically take a chill-pill, and literally gobbled down the information with a choco-bar on one hand, and a water bottle on the other!

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