Monday, April 10, 2017

Heaven took them...

Death is the ultimate reality of life, yet losing a loved one to death is the most painful emotion. It creates a vacuum which can never be filled, no matter how much time passes by or how many new people enter into your life, that empty space would remain forever.

As children, most of us never realised these sorrowful adieus, but as we grew up, crossed certain thresholds in age, death became a prominent fixtures in our lives. Some of us lost our grandparents, parents and even siblings, and some painfully children or spouses.

The immense pain such a separation creates is beyond anyone's imagination. No one can ever understand what a person goes through at that moment, because that tragedy is personal. It is only the person who has lost truly knows what it means to never see a person ever again.

There is no hope, those people are gone forever, and yet we might have taken them for granted when they were alive. We never account for the vulnerability of life, and cling to expectations and attachments. Why can't we just let go off all these and truly show ourselves for what we are, and love with our whole-heart, so that even if we say goodbye tomorrow, our loved ones would always remember us with a smile and glow in that special light of our compassion and kindness.


  1. A very touching account, it is true that there is no hope at all, yet we strive
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    *Menaka Bharathi *


    1. Thanks Menaka...Sometimes there are no answers...