Monday, April 3, 2017

Badrinath Ki Dulhania…A great movie on clichés

Brides in India are supposed to bring loads and loads and loads of dowry. That’s the truth of the entire country – be it the hinterland Bharat or the upwardly mobile India. A girl is still a liability, and boy an asset. And yes, we don’t believe in family planning, unless we are lucky enough to have sons during the first few attempts. To hell with Beti Bachao Beti Padhao! We are here to raise a generation of girls who are taught to remain in their ‘maryada’ and boys trained to become MCPs.

Now imagine such a heavy dosage theme turned into an entertaining movie. Did I hear impossible? With Badrinath Ki Dulhania, that’s exactly what newbie director Shashank Khaitan made possible. In its outer packaging, this rom-com looks fun and entertaining, but the deeper themes of dowry, gender inequality, women emancipation, sexism, interweaved in the movie portray the condition of the society we still live in.

It is in this very ‘progressive’ India the protagonist Vaidehi (another name for Sita, the pun is very much intended by the makers) decides not to go through the penance of self-sacrifice but to live on her own terms. She leaves the groom jilted at the alter to pursue her dreams. Despite Badri’s unending devotion for her, Vaidehi still isn’t convinced if he is the right guy for her or not. It is her independent and strong characterization that finally leads Badri to see through the façade of being a typical ‘Indian man’.

The emotional atyachar of Indian parents were amazingly showcased. Heart ailments are dropped like a hat by the elders at the meekest mention of ‘love’ by the young ones. The heavy duty words – sanskar (values), sabhyata (culture), dharm (religion) – are served to the children on a daily basis as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Superstations and illogical views are supposed to be pure oxygen one should breathe in. If the young ones try to rebel, they are either disowned or are emotionally blackmailed. And, that’s the story of almost all the households in this country.

However, this movie gives some hope. Somewhere, something is changing. Yes, men are becoming more supportive and sensitized, and maybe, our next generation would be much more open in their outlook. But for now, let’s hope our elders wake up to the reality of the situation and the young ones are not resorted to do a ‘Badri’!


  1. I'd like to think that I've been supportive and sensitive in my marriage. I don't know if my wife totally agrees, but I think she probably does for the most part.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Anything Bollywood instantly sparks my attention!
    I have yet to watch Badrinath but I did watch Humpty Sharma!
    They raise some nice issues. Did you watch Daawat e Ishq too? Same issues were raised about the Desi culture's dowry trend. I was surprised to find out India has laws laid down against it. They ought to bring about some change hopefully!

    ~ Saraallie
    Sara Writes ~ The Crazy Life of a Silly Little Sister

    1. Yeah Sara, movies often bring forth these issues. However, despite laws not much gets changed. It's the mentality that requires to be changed completely. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I would like to see this film. Perhaps I can find it. I have loved Indian films since watching "Lagaan" years and years ago. Someday, hopefully soon, I will visit India.

    1. Hi Sue, great to know you love Indian films :). Will try to suggest some nice one for you. And, of course, do come to India whenever you want to, but try visit during winters as summers are very harsh here. You will love it here. And, whenever you plan to visit, let me know, I will send you some general advises and recommendations :)