Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shit happens because it is meant to happen

I learnt something today. We tend to reflect our own self in others, we see what we want to see in them, often wanting them to become what we want to become for ourselves. It is never about what they are, it is always about what we are. Our dreams, ambitions, purposes or whatever shit there is in this world, we are just offloading into others, especially on people who are closest to us.

Life does not really have a purpose, it is stupidity to go out seeking for one. All you need to do is just walk and the answers will appear, the path will show. That’s so true. And another truth is to be true to oneself, in so many things, we have forgotten who we truly are, what our identity is. We are just the reflection of the other person. It is this strangeness of life that one needs to recognise and once you do, you know exactly how to disassociate, disengage and detach. When you do that, you no longer remains you, you get a new high, you see ‘reality’ in a new way. You realize, there is no reality. Everything becomes easy thereafter.

It is a theory that cannot be taught, you feel it when the time is right and you just know why life had been shitting you so much, for so long.

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