Sunday, January 8, 2017

Top 5 awesome feelings you immediately get when toxic people leave!

"I am glad that I had such past bad relationship experiences, they taught me what exactly a relationship should not be, and what I deserve instead." Someone shared this interesting insight today and it made so much sense. 

As clich├ęd as it may sound, unless we know the darkness, it is tough to appreciate light. And, toxic relationships are no exceptions as well. Problem is, you would not know that you are in a toxic relationship unless you come out of it! 

But when you do, it is another form of liberation all together. And, that's what this post is about. 

Here are top 5 awesome feelings you immediately sense when toxic people leave.

1. Liberated, finally: Couldn't help using this analogy, because trust me, nothing is better than this, and most women would attest to it as well. The liberation that you feel when toxic people leave is like the freedom women feel at the end of the day when they can finally take-off their bras! Yes, that feeling. The fastening around your chest is finally gone, literally. 

2. Zen-like calmness: Suddenly, the chatter is off. You don't need any expensive therapies or shrinks to get your sense of being. There is total silence around you, and there is something meditative about it. You may also start floating in the air with your legs criss-crossed! Just kidding, that will take some serious effort my friend. But, yes, your head is definitely in the air. 

3. You could be Batman: You could be anyone, I mean anyone. You could be Batman, Superman or even Shaktiman, if you prefer that particular brand of superhero, and don't mind getting vertigo! The possibilities are endless, just don't try to jump off a building unless you are bitten by a radioactive spider or you are actually an alien with superpowers! Toxic people are like kryptonites who rob your powers, stay away from them.

4. You glow like a light bulb: Or like a sun if you want to. You look the best even when you get up in the morning with your hair all messy, because you get up wearing a smile, and you wear that smile the entire day. You glow and smile so much that marketing agencies start following you to become the brand ambassador for Business Baba's beauty products and toothpaste! 

5. Suddenly the world is full of friends: You are no longer the 'yes' man of your 'famous' henchman. All of a sudden you discover, you have friends too. The long-lost connections are ready to embrace you with open arms and equally open mouth. Be ready to hear some choicest of abuses and sarcasm. After, all toxicity leaves some residue too!

Be awesome, always :)

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