Saturday, January 21, 2017

Say I want you, not need you...

For a horrific few seconds you realise that this could be it, you could have been left all alone in this wide whole world, with no real relation to call your own. You are just there, standing all alone at a busy cross-road while scores of people pass you by. They are not bothered about you being there. You just stand there, in silence, trying to assimilate the fact that you are all alone.

As tears roll down, and the sinking feeling of being alone hits you hard, you try to find someone who could just be there besides you. It is not a need, it is a want of someone to be there with you. You are enough for yourself, you love your own being, you are strong enough to carry your own burden on your shoulders. You know you don’t need anyone. Surely, you don’t.

As you finally understand the difference between ‘Need’ and ‘Want’, you say it out loud, “I want you, not need you.”

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