Friday, July 15, 2016

Why we delay doing something right?

I chanced upon an Osho talk a few days ago, wherein the spiritual guru said something so relevant about this question. He said that when it comes to doing something wrong, we never consult anybody, we don’t even listen to our conscience, we just do it. If it means hurting someone, be jealous of somebody, inflict our anger or hatred, we just go ahead do it. But, when it comes to doing the opposite, as in doing something good and right, we bottle it up. We say let the right moment come and we would do it then or let me consult someone before doing this.

Question is, why do we delay taking a decision that we inertly know is right?

It might be because doing something right requires courage. It is often against the norm or the general tide. It could be something challenging or even life-altering.

And, that’s where the problem arises. Reminds me of a line from ‘Step Up 3’. “It’s never easy to take the most important decisions in life.”

And, of course, all the important decisions in life are the ones that concerns doing something right, right?

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