Saturday, July 30, 2016

Life mein thora twist hona mangta hai...

Life is what you make of it, literally. You are creating your own reality at each moment, at each breath that you take. So, why create something sad or unhappy? Create something unexpected, surprising, and who knows, maybe something a little risky too. After all, life mein risk nahi liya toh kya kiya? Although, that doesn't mean swimming through the gutter water of waterlogged Gurugram! It means more than that, it means swimming with the sharks. The fun is in beating the sharks in their own game and winning it even when you reek of blood from your open wounds.

When you are stuck in a situation, there comes a time when you don't want to be bothered about it anymore. You just want to say, 'Enough, I have given too much mind space to you, let me move on to something else.' And, when you say that, you feel a certain lightheartedness about it, you start feeling to be yourself. You connect with your inner self. And when you do so, you don't find a boring you, you find that naughty self all over again that had gotten buried deep under some rubbish - mostly thrown by people who were clearing their own houses.

So, after you scrub yourself clean and dabble some extra perfume, you are ready to face the world all over again. It's time to reclaim it, make it your own, and be the bindaas person you have always been.

Let the veil of predictability be taken off, after all, life mein thora twist hona mangta hai na ;)

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