Monday, July 18, 2016

Her life is yours too...

She often wonders how sometimes life comes smacking on her face. Just when she wants to forget things, go about distracting herself, laugh with friends or simply work to numb her senses, things take a turn towards a signpost that bleeds her heart out.

The cards were dealt and she was winning at it. She was finally defeating that dreaded pain and hurt. And, that's when it happened. She was at Cloud 9 when the thunder struck and thrashed her to the ground.

As she lay there, bruised and hurt, she wondered what just happened. But she knew she need to get up.

She mustered enough courage to get going. She lifted her aching limbs slowly and with great difficulty stood up. As she wobbled to regain her strength, she was hit by a double whammy. Another unexpected blow, a cloud burst and her very being was threatened to be swept off.

They tried their best, but they were never prepared for her resolute self. She stood by the deluge, rooting herself to the very ground she knew will never give away.

She started with a smile again, a small step again, a dream again. She knows no matter how hard life hits her, she will get up each time and face it with a twinkle in her eyes. No, they cannot take that away from her, never.

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