Friday, July 1, 2016

Love me thoda aur

So when the puppy love strikes, you feel the butterflies in your stomach, the world goes round and you hear music in the air. Happened to all of us when we were young, happy and without a doubt in our head. 

As you grew old, you wised up. You became cautious. You started to trust less, even the one you loved and married. You made boundaries around yourself. You were inaccessible.

But, isn’t that just the opposite of being in love. If you love someone, you need to be vulnerable, you need to let yourself get hurt, and understand that nothing is perfect, and of course, that there is nothing called ‘happily forever’…

It’s this expectation of ‘being happy’ in love portrayed in movies and books that creates undue pressure in any relationship. You want your love life to be ‘bookish’ or ‘filmy’, with Raj serenading you in the laps of Swiss valley and Simran running to catch the train. Ask yourself, do you really need that bull crap in your life?

Won’t it be better to be who you are, and let your partner be who he is, and express your love to each other in an original manner? Innovate, be creative, surprise each other, or just laze together on the couch the entire Sunday. Forget about the dishes, the food, the grocery, the bills, the family, the friends. For a few moments, just look into each other’s eyes, and if need be, you may sing that puppy song all over again, “love me thoda aur….” J

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