Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Living alone

Living alone has its challenges. After your friends are gone, and you finally settle down in your lonely abode, the first thing you notice is silence, that is, if you discount the annoying buzzing of the fan or the blaring horns of the passing vehicles. Suddenly, your brain is greeted with no voices to process, and your heart starts beating in anticipation of what would happen next, because you literary need to create that next step. The drama is thrown out of the window and in your solitude you find yourself thinking and questioning.

And, as you are deep in thought, all of a sudden you are tickled by two large antennae. You look down and see a huge flying cockroach. As you are about to shout, your brain processes your reaction and tells you, “Maam, there is no point shouting about it, no one is coming to rescue you. So, stop being a damsel in distress and do something about it.” After that rude shock, you collect yourself and logically analyse the situation. Should you leave the cockroach or should you kill it? You decide that the latter is a better option. If you don’t kill it, it will infest the house. You draw every ounce of courage, take the slipper off from your feet and taking a good aim, slap it on the unsuspecting creepy little thing. After that first attack, a maniac energy grips you as you repeatedly slap it to ensure that it is not writhing in pain.

Finally, jubilant at your first victory alone, you sit on the sofa to relax. As you look at the ceiling, you find another crawling creature ready to make your home his territory. Now, this one is a fight. Keeping a safe distance, you start shooing him away with a folded newspaper. You ensure that the newspaper does not hit him or else you may get into trouble. Finally, after directing him out of the window, you shut it tight and wish that you do not encounter Tom’s arch-rival next!  

Who said, living alone is easy…

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