Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our bubbles are for real

We love to live in our small little bubbles. Everything else is the outside world, the make belief. Only our bubbles are real for us, nothing could permeate them, pollute them, as long as we continue to believe that our bubbles are for real.

We exist in these happy bubbles, blissfully ignoring whatever that does not bother us. Things happen, but no, never to us, they happen to others. Our bubbles are safe, they are real.

We are the master of fake science; the quacks who treat themselves with wrong 'sweet' medicine; the travelers who have no sense of direction, nor do they enjoy their wandering; the masks that hide the real faces, the faces that we dare not see ourselves.

But, we exist, we exist in our small little bubbles, because we believe that our bubbles are for real...

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