Monday, August 26, 2013

Some things that make life worth it

Life could be harsh, but at times some things make it worth going through the trite of 'living' it.

  1. A rainy Sunday evening spent with your favorite yellowed book, earmarked at several places, reading it again brought different emotions & perspective that you did not feel the first time you read it. 
  2. A long-forgotten song that suddenly plays in the car radio while you are stressed out to reach to your next meeting on time, bringing the deluge of memories you shared with your friends in school/college never worrying about a dime in the world.
  3. A tenner in your jeans pocket that had been washed & ironed, & you find it just when you are short of a tenner.
  4. A poem you wrote when you were a starry-eyed young-thing & loved all that you wrote, & discover it just when you had edited your article for the nth time & still think it's not making the 'cut'.
  5. A discolored picture from your childhood with you posing a silly face, that makes you do a reality check on how conscious you get these days to put a profile pic or getting tagged by someone.
  6. An unexpected call from a friend you had been thinking to call for long, to share some silly nothingness about life.
  7. A smile from a stranger that makes you smile back instinctively, despite the fact that you just had a bitter fight & it hurt like hell.
  8. An answer to a curious kid, solving his science query, that makes him lap it like a magical solution, as you wonder why you could no longer answer your questions so easily.
  9. A gooey romantic fantasy movie that keeps the fairy-tale alive, despite so many relationships crumbling like a house of cards. 
  10. A long walk on the grass (barefoot) that soothes your soul, just when nothing seems to be in order. 

Somehow, life makes sense, doesn't it? 

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