Sunday, July 7, 2013

If we could live in moments

What if life is just about moments. You live in one moment and then hop on to the other, without any connection between the two. It is just a series of moments that you live in.

But, we mess up these moments with our past experiences or future expectations. And, that is when the problem arises, that's when the complication starts.

When you live in the present, you don't worry about what happened 10 years ago or what would happen 10 years hence. The simple fact is, what happened could not be undone and what is going to happen we have no control over it. So, why worry and waste what we have today - the present, the current, the moment to live in.

From the Buddha to Osho, everyone advocated this mantra. And, maybe, with practice we can live in the moment, in this present time and soak in it - the associated happiness or the sadness.

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