Friday, June 7, 2013

Why Indians never question? Why are we fooling ourselves?

Wonder why Indian consumers never ask these questions? Why these never cross the mind of any self-appointed tech-guru or auto-critic? Why the Government as usual remain inert towards these issues? Why as people of this country, we never question our own motives?

Why not probe ourselves:

Why am I paying double the amount of money for buying the same phone that my western counterparts can buy for dime-a-dozen? Plus, why am I also not complaining about half the features that do not run on my mobile, restricting access because of my country of residence?

What makes us not blink an eye for shelling out half a lakh to buy a smartphone on EMI but turns us into stingy Scrooge and grumpy Grinch while buying vegetables from saabzi walas, haggling for auto fares, protesting against hike in school fees?

Why are the auto majors dumping their outdated oil guzzling machines in India and the Indian consumers lapping them by willingly paying a premium?

Why we never think of the next petrol price hike when we gleefully buy the oil guzzlers?

Why the Government never thought of putting anti-dumping duties on these oil guzzlers, instead of incurring more debts by buying oil from outside?

What sense does it make to transport vegetables and fruits from one corner of the country to another on wheels and charging a bomb in the name of inflation? Why not encourage farming at local level?

Why our farmers are never accorded the same status as the city dwellers? Why are they the ones who struggle to meet their ends and take drastic steps when nothing works out, despite being the ones to feed the entire nation? Why are we so apathetic towards their issues?

Why we have so much of corruption in the country? How come almost all our leaders are corrupt? Is that to do with us, because Democracy is – Of the people, By the people, For the people – which means, our representatives are our reflection – the people – are we the same as our leaders?

Why we never say, Jugaad is not a technology, it is a way to circumvent inefficiency? How long temporary solutions could work, don’t we need some permanent answers?

No, no need to give the answers. As Eugene Ionesco had famously said, "It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question."

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