Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The thirty+ 'innovators'

Ever wondered why we, the 30 plus generation, are so different from the millennial. What makes us that weird lot, who gets on everyone’s nerves by badgering them with questions? How we accept change so swiftly, trying out newer technologies, brands, food; travelling to places unknown and always sporting a heady attitude towards taking risks? What makes us distinct, crazy and often the outlaw?

The answer lies in our growing years, the 80s and the 90s. How should I put it, we have seen the best of both worlds. We have enjoyed the lull before the storm, as well as the spin at breakneck speed through the spiral of technological innovations. We waited for trunk calls from our cousins living overseas at our neighbor’s house and also made free calls through viber. We have seen our black-and-white TV sets locked in a cabinet and also bought a high-definition LED TV complete with a console. We were the first bitten by the video game bug thinking Mario is a cool guy and also adopted PS3 and Xbox with the same zeal. We went out for annual family picnics and also tried the hip lounges and pubs with friends. We shared the sole copy of Tintin with friends and cousins and also downloaded the entire collection on our iPads and tabs.  

We know by heart our childhood superheroes from the tattered comics we rented from corner shops as well as leap with the same joy when we see them through the 3D lenses at Inox. We are the generation that was driven around in Maruti 800s and also the Hondas, the Hyundais, the Mercs, the BMWs. We looked with curious round eyes as our parents bought the first desktop computers and also carried the ultra-slim notebooks in our handbags. We traveled by bullock carts when we visited our ancestral house and also used rented cabs to reach at the doorstep of our homes in the hinterland. We know what it means to receive an inland letter as well as an email. We have seen a majority party ruling the country and also the chaos of coalition government. We have been the last generation to take lengthy board exams filling sheets after sheets and also the first of the generation to take online courses.

The list is long, and each of us has something special that we carry from our growing years to our working ones. We have not just seen the change, but we were a part of that change. We accepted change as a way of our lives, and that’s why we are different, that’s why we like things in constant, we like the air zipping past us rather than being stationary or accepting the status quo.

We are a difficult generation, a generation that is unpredictable, fierce, independent. Don’t sell us random upgrades or illogical solutions. We have grown up with innovations, sell us the real deal, we will live them forever...

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