Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prayers won’t help

Warning: This is a very cynical post, do not read further if you don’t want to get offended

Most of you did not pay heed to my warning. Human beings cannot stop themselves from doing things that they are asked not to do. They just can’t help it, but it is also not their fault. As per NLP, human mind cannot picture negative words like ‘no’ ‘not’ ‘do not’ and therefore if you ask a child ‘Don’t touch the vase’, what he pictures is he touching the vase, because there isn't an image that described the command given to him. Think that’s pretty much for any of our vices as well.

We are asked ‘NOT’ to – Pollute the air, Build houses on river beds, Engage in constant mining of sands for construction, Be greedy, Be corrupt, et al. Do we listen to these ‘nots’, no we don’t. We constantly do what is negative, what is wrong, what should have never been done.

Funnily, when things go out of our hands, and we start analyzing the consequences, we are back to the same statements of what one should have ‘NOT’ done. How because we ‘DID NOT’ do certain things, we are faced with the current consequences. We drill at the problem, trying to find out what went ‘WRONG’, never sparing a moment on how to make it ‘RIGHT’.

But then again, in a country where disasters spell TRPs, who cares for setting things right, not even us, the common man, the people who get impacted the most. How many of us complain against illegal construction, bother about the water supply we get, write to authorities to get the roads/bridges repaired, make sure our surrounding is as clean as our houses? Only a handful, and that handful is also mocked upon, asked to mind their own business. They are told, ‘DO NOT’ bother. But, like the rest of us, they also cannot picture the word ‘NOT’. So, what they end up with is this… ‘DO BOTHER’. 

Really, DO BOTHER...

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