Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sometimes it feels as if we haven’t really grown up. We are still those bumbling kids who behave like brats when we get angry at our friends. The kuttis and the abbaas are still prevalent, we are still the same, as if the kid inside hasn’t really become an adult. Looks like some of us are role playing being adults, the juvenile streak refuses to die. The only difference, now we have graduated to the virtual world from the real one...

It’s my life, so is theirs

It was a usual girl’s night out, clubbing at a posh restaurant, chatting and drinking our regular not-so-soft drinks, when one of us got upset. She was tired of her nosy aunt, who has been trying to fix a match for her widowed father (a father of two young daughters). She had been constantly asking him to reconsider his decision of not marrying again. Somewhere, her father was convinced too, he had secretly asked his sister to look for alliances. That is when the daughters heard him and got upset. 

Everybody offered their two bits, while I heard her calmly. Finally, I asked her, ‘What is so wrong in that? He does not want to live his old age alone, he is seeking a companion, why are you against it?’ Everyone looked at me, compelling me to go on, ‘We are the biggest hypocrites, this young generation, we tell our parents to let us live our lives the way we want to, we don’t want any interferences from them, but we want to control their lives, and make them live as per our convenience. If we have the right to live as we want to, so do our parents.’

After a stunned silence, someone finally said, ‘You’re right’ and smiled.

She said...

Does screaming help to reduce the pain so severe that threatens to tear apart your basic being?
If it does, tell me where should I scream – in the solace of my room, in a crowded market place or disturb the peace of a secluded place?
And, oh! Yes, would screaming ensure that I would never feel any pain again?
If so, I want to scream, right now, right away, just tell me, where...

He said...

Walk, walk away from the din of this crowded world
Can’t you see the light ahead?
It illuminates your path full of yellow flowers
Don’t you want to be sane my dear?
Don’t stand there silently
Walk away from the din of this crowded world
Walk away to this land far far away
Walk till you can walk no more.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Why is Delhi so hot today?

1. Conspiracy by climate change activists to get more funds for their projects
2. God decided to punish us for being bad, very bad (Also, made a mental note not to send Santa around for Christmas)
3. It’s a corporate agenda, don’t you know Benetton has a shipment of rejected shorts for over a million pieces!
4. Hold it, maybe the upcoming Presidential election has something to do with it
5. Maybe, it is all of the above, or none of it, depending on how crazy you are feeling today

When we asked Delhi the real reason, she said:

Why man, don't you like me hot, red hot! Now, that's saucy. Ooh lalaa! ;p