Saturday, June 30, 2012

A life just about ordinary

Who are we to judge anyone; we are not even equipped enough to judge ourselves. Do we really know and understand what we want from life? What we want to do? Where we want to head towards? So, when we are so clueless about our own life, who are we to analyze about someone else?

Life throws you at junctures, it challenges you to pick yourself up, it sometimes take you to a high unimaginable, and sometimes it just dumps you without the life-giving air to breath. Funnily, the essential air is always missing even when you are at a height or at the lowest ebb. So, should we be content with our mediocre life? What is so wrong in being ordinary? Why is there a need to be someone? Why can’t I just walk as filler among the multitude, who reek of daily labor?

I often ask myself, am I extraordinary? Am I someone special? Am I different from others? Yes, in some way I am unique, I am different, but then each one of us are. We are all unique in our own ways, each a single unit in this amazing cosmos. So, what’s so special about me? I don’t know. And frankly, I don’t want to be special. Why, you ask me. Simply because, special people are always alone, they are lonely.

Yes, I want my spot under the sun, but hey, I am not vying for the prime one. Far from it, I just wish to get a spot surrounded by some happy and friendly faces. I prefer to be ordinary rather than being the ‘chosen’ one!

I wait for thee

Often I wait for the door knob to turn
For that someone to walk through the threshold
Holding my dreams in his arms.

My eyes twinkle with happiness
My hands twitch in anticipation
As I faithfully look out the window
Staring into the 'nothing so special for me' world.

As the speck of light approaches
My lips betray into a smiling curve
When I see the offender hurrying home!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Punjus, Bongs, some stereotypes and a donor

Just finished watching 'Vicky Donor', really a cool movie. The two-hour film was packed with layers of subjects, things that we normally don’t discuss or don’t find mention in mainstream movies. The main theme of sperm donation definitely had been great, and handled in such a normal, day-to-day manner that the film despite its unconventional subject would find acceptance among the conservative crowd too. I mean, I can see this film with my parents, and enjoy it as well.

Well, there is another reason why it would be so easy to watch it with my parents, i.e. the characterization and setting of the film. The heroine is a Bong and belongs to the Bong-dominated CR Park. The Bong family like so many Bong families in Delhi nurtures a dislike for everything North Indian, especially the Punjabi culture. Having seen and heard such discussions among the self-certified cultured Bong families, I could rightly say that the director did a commendable job of showcasing the clannish behavior of the Bongs, along with their deep-seated view about Punjus. Well, you can imagine the passion with which Bongs drill their culture into their kids that despite being brought up in a Punjabi colony, as a teenager, I had decided never to fall for a Punjabi munda. For me, every Punjabi guy had always been loud, opportunist, show-off, blatantly flirt and never committing.

So, just as the psyche of Bongs is presented in an accurate manner, the Punjabi characteristics and their opinion about everything Bong were also damn on the target. Yes, Bongs are ‘fattus’, well not all, but some definitely are, just like not all Punjus are ‘show-offs’. I loved the Punjabi mom in the movie, she is simply lovable in her ‘mufhat’ and ‘mast’ attitude. Her dislike for fish and declaring all Bongs being ‘kanjus’ and not ‘badde-dilwalas’ are really the echoing sentiments of almost all the Punjabis in Delhi. The director never forgot to subtly place some inane characteristics of Bongs in the movie, without which no Bong would ever be a Bong, these being – fish, Tagore, Mohun Bagan, Mamata Didi and the ever-so-classical Mankey cap (I insist on this misspelling, because that’s how it is pronounced universally by Bongs). The Punjus were not forgotten as well, and of course, the classical Bhangra, Ritu Kumar’s trousseau and the famous ‘Car-O-bar’ were all part-and-parcel of this cute entertaining film. I just couldn’t stop laughing my head-off watching the wedding scene, where a Sardar tries to teach a Bong aunty Bhangra, as he says, ‘bulb lo, use lagao aur thalle rakho, lagao aur thalle rakho’. A scene also reminded me of ‘Monsoon Wedding’, but then again, this felt much more real.

Overall, a nice and frothy movie, the bubbles of which would still tickle you even hours after watching it. Go for it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A poem at midnight of June 21, 2012

Slowly and steadily the night passes by,
The clock is ticking with mundane precision,
The AC is making an annoying buzzing sound,
The laptop reassures in a familiar tapping fashion,
The pillow is lying lifelessly at the corner,
The dog is sleeping in his usual comfort zone,
What is there so unique about all these?
Except that they found a place in a bizarre poem written at the stroke of midnight on June 21, 2012!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

When you become a cog in the wheel

There are certain situations in life that one cannot control. During those times, one just has to go with the flow. These situations might not be right, you may know that what you are doing at that point of time may not be the right thing to do, but you have no control over them. What do you do during such situations? Just, close your eyes and go through them. And afterwards, do not judge yourself by what you did or what the situation made you do.

We often get into guilt trips, taking excessive responsibilities on our head by being emotional about the situation. We never take into account the part played by the other party involved in such cases. For us, our involvement, our mistake become supreme and we continue to reel under them. Why do so? Why not be practical and understand that what happened at that point of time involved two people or two parties and not just you.

People who are independent, who are strong and free, do not require any adherence to anyone. They are what they are. They give a damn to things. But, it is this giving damn that drags them down, because others cannot tolerate such free spirits. Often, people get attracted to such spirited individuals and want to keep them with themselves or want to extract reactions out of them. They create such situations wherein these individuals become vulnerable and susceptible to faltering into the traps set for them. And no matter how strong they are, or how much control they possess, they fail and fail miserably.

Only thing, stop blaming yourself. Yes, you knew better, but you still did such a thing. Remember, the other person also knew what he/she was making you do, so it never is your fault entirely. Relax, certain situations in life need to be endured, we need to go through them, even when you like them or dislike them. They are here to stay and you would have to go through them time and again. Yes, such situations would come often. Maybe with practice, a day may come when you would be able to control your mind, desires, anger, frustrations, loneliness, and all such human weaknesses which make you vulnerable and finally you will be like the wind that can never be bottled up!

Friday, June 1, 2012


Finally, going for the much deserved vacation, I don’t even remember when I went for such a long leave, at least not in the last 3 years.

I hope to be unwired for at least a week, without the daily pressure of work. In that retreat of peace and serenity, I would finally get some ‘me’ time, time to think, to analyze, to rewind, to find the lessons in the chaos.

In our daily grind, we often forget to pamper ourselves, to take out even some crucial minutes to stop and do some self-analysis, to understand whether we are really doing what we want to. We are so obsessed with this entire worldly outlook, that we forget our real outlook by the end of it. I have seen some running day in and out after money and more money; some burning midnight oils to study hard to get illustrious degrees that they would never use in their lives; some sacrificing their happiness for a perfect family photo with everyone giving fake toothpaste-ad smile; and some intending to do good, start good, achieve good and then get engulfed by the glitter and glamour of being good and end up just being good for themselves. Of course, I have met some genuine people too, who sparkled with their brilliance for a moment, but are losing their sheen now, as they are refusing to believe in themselves, in their inner knowing. God knows what will happen if these people don’t shake themselves up and get up finally to say, ‘enough is enough, this time, I would make it happen, I would not kill my self esteem to bow down to an ordinary life full of deceit, drama & draconian societal views.’

And in all these, I also met people who are silently working for others, who with their light are enlightening the lives of every human being they are meeting, interacting or even giving a passing smile. I met some who decided to work it out, get up from the dumps life threw them into. I met some who are bold, strong, truthful yet loving and compassionate. I found some who simply made me look at them with awe, some inspired me, some made me question my intentions, some made me see myself in true light, and some just shattered my ego into pieces.

People, views, questions, and life, these would be the top priorities, besides enjoying the laid-back life that I am looking forward to. Hope you go for such a vacation very soon as well!