Friday, June 1, 2012


Finally, going for the much deserved vacation, I don’t even remember when I went for such a long leave, at least not in the last 3 years.

I hope to be unwired for at least a week, without the daily pressure of work. In that retreat of peace and serenity, I would finally get some ‘me’ time, time to think, to analyze, to rewind, to find the lessons in the chaos.

In our daily grind, we often forget to pamper ourselves, to take out even some crucial minutes to stop and do some self-analysis, to understand whether we are really doing what we want to. We are so obsessed with this entire worldly outlook, that we forget our real outlook by the end of it. I have seen some running day in and out after money and more money; some burning midnight oils to study hard to get illustrious degrees that they would never use in their lives; some sacrificing their happiness for a perfect family photo with everyone giving fake toothpaste-ad smile; and some intending to do good, start good, achieve good and then get engulfed by the glitter and glamour of being good and end up just being good for themselves. Of course, I have met some genuine people too, who sparkled with their brilliance for a moment, but are losing their sheen now, as they are refusing to believe in themselves, in their inner knowing. God knows what will happen if these people don’t shake themselves up and get up finally to say, ‘enough is enough, this time, I would make it happen, I would not kill my self esteem to bow down to an ordinary life full of deceit, drama & draconian societal views.’

And in all these, I also met people who are silently working for others, who with their light are enlightening the lives of every human being they are meeting, interacting or even giving a passing smile. I met some who decided to work it out, get up from the dumps life threw them into. I met some who are bold, strong, truthful yet loving and compassionate. I found some who simply made me look at them with awe, some inspired me, some made me question my intentions, some made me see myself in true light, and some just shattered my ego into pieces.

People, views, questions, and life, these would be the top priorities, besides enjoying the laid-back life that I am looking forward to. Hope you go for such a vacation very soon as well!

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