Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kill the ego

There is something that I am struggling with these days, to kill my ego. With certain knowing, people start feeling special, that they are privileged, that because of certain qualities in them they have been chosen over others. And the moment such a feeling comes in, be sure that the downfall would be swift. To be humble is the key to learn, because the moment I say, I know all and I am the best, I would stop my own growth, I would stop learning.

The other day while reading a writer on New Age, I was surprised to read how she kept talking about her experiences in a flamboyant manner. Yeap, it is important to share so that others would know about things, but it should not make the reader feel inferior. There was an underlying tinge of pride and feeling of being above others in her writing. There is a very thin line between stating the facts that created positive impact in your life and letting it get into your head.

So, how do you curb such a feeling? By killing the ego, the veil that is cutting us from our real self. It is not easy to keep the ego under check, after all, it is just human to feel elated, to feel good about our achievements, to bask in the glory, in the praises showered on us by others. But, it is equally essential to keep a stable head on our shoulders. To keep reminding ourselves that we are just means to get certain things done. To say that we are not God. To look at each individual and say that all of us are special, all of us are the children of love. The trick is to keep reminding ourselves of this and the day we internalize this, we will win the race against our ego.

Almost on a daily basis, and even sometimes a couple of times in a day, I have to remind myself of this. It is so easy to be vain, so tempting to impose yourself on others. I am walking this thin line, often faltering. I am not perfect, I am weak, I have a fa├žade that I put on for the world and I struggle to keep this ego under check. But I do believe that someday I would be able to look straight into the eyes of my ego and tell her to take a walk!

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