Sunday, May 13, 2012

Always leave the door open

Human beings are insecure lil gits, they need constant pampering, constant reassurances, that things are fine. Mind plays many games and we relentlessly think things, make up things, perceive things, things that are just in our heads, without any real applications. And in all these, we lose our hold on reality. That's when insecurity creeps in and in this insecurity we pretty much screw everything, our relationships, our confidence, our jobs et al. So, what should one do, you cannot become vulnerable, can you. Maybe or maybe not, but what you can certainly do is to keep that door open. If you shut it, you would never know who is waiting for you at the other end. Maybe it’s a long-lost friend, who wants to talk to you but that shut door would be a deterrent and he may just turn back and never return.

Only a few have the courage to knock at the door shut at their faces, and still a rare few have the courage to keep that door open for all. Now, it’s your decision where you want to belong.

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